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The Cold Reality of Vaccines in Developing Countries

Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project has helped first winner experience “incredible growth”.

4G Super Stadia show football fans really are the 12th man

A few years ago there were fears that television would stop people from attending live football games. Research from Vodafone Group’s Networks Centre of Excellence team shows that the introduction of 4G has transformed the experience of European football fans, who are nearly doubling the amount of mobile data they use every season and are now using their smartphones for around a third of the time they are in a stadium.

The future in our hands with the commercial launch of NB-IoT in Vodafone Spain

Vodafone India launches M-Pesa Pay for merchants and retailers

Vodafone India has launched M-Pesa Pay, a digital payment system that enables  retailers to receive payments from their customers without any exchange of cash.

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Germany’s most popular payment card joins Vodafone Wallet

Vodafone Germany has launched a trial that has brought girocard to NFC smartphones for the first time thanks to Vodafone Wallet. Girocard is Germany’s most popular payment card and is widely used for cashless payments in retail outlets across the country.  Around 95% of Germans own a girocard, and three-quarters of cardholders use it to pay for goods and services. 

Vodafone Wallet wins four awards

Vodafone Wallet, Vodafone’s payment app, has been recognised by the mobile commerce industry through a string of awards, including ‘Overall Winner’ and ‘Best Engagement and Loyalty Scheme’ at the recent 2016 Payment Awards in London. 

Can Massive MIMO help solve the capacity conundrum?

Demand for high-bandwidth services continues to grow quickly and the need for us to increase capacity within the limits of the spectrum available has never been greater. A new iteration of Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology called Massive MIMO may be the answer.

Vodafone Group joins 5G Automotive Association

Vodafone Group has become the first telecommunications operator to join the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), a new global cross-industry association of companies from telecommunications and automotive industries.

This is such a clever way to make buses more environmentally friendly

Vodafone Netherlands has been helping Connexxion, one of the country’s largest public bus companies, to improve the environmental performance of its vehicles and to reduce fuel costs.

Vodafone testing 5G benefits for vehicles

Vodafone has started trialling vehicle-to-vehicle communications  (LTE-V2X) in the UK and is planning further trials in Germany

Vodafone completes the world’s first trial of standardised NB-IoT on a live commercial network

Significant technology milestone on the path towards a world with billions of devices connected at extremely low cost with minimal power requirements to mobile networks.

Vodafone India conserves rainwater for farmers

Vodafone India has identified a novel way to help farmers in the state of Maharashtra who are battling a serious water crisis causing financial and emotional distress.

M-Pesa powers Indian pension pilot

Vodafone’s mobile money service M-Pesa is at the heart of a pioneering scheme to directly pay thousands of pensioners in remote rural villages across Haryana state in Northern India.

How the Internet of Things could make summers smarter

Vodafone has created a suite of proof-of-concept products that help protect against UV, keep children safe on the beach and locate lost luggage.

5G: using high-frequency spectrum to achieve gigabit speeds

Today’s mobile phone networks use various frequency bands below 3 Gigahertz (GHz) which are best for providing coverage over large areas. However, the amount of resource, or bandwidth, is limited with typical allocations to a mobile operator in each of these bands being less than 20 Megahertz (MHz).

Existing network evolution will deliver 5G benefits for Internet of Things

The technology community is debating the role that 5G will play in growing the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe that the evolution of existing networks to support Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) will provide initial 5G benefits.

World-famous for 15 minutes with the help of carrier aggregation

In a world where millions of people are sharing videos and photos every day, it’s probably fair to say that Andy Warhol’s prediction that “everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” was a touch conservative.

Expanding the NB-IoT ecosystem

Earlier this month, the standards body 3GPP finalised the specifications for NB-IoT technology. While this may seem like an administrative point, it’s an important step forward in the development of the technology. 

World Refugee Day

When World Refugee Day was first introduced by the United Nations in 2000, it was a rare opportunity to raise awareness of the huge challenges facing refugees fleeing from violence, food insecurity and drought - a much needed opportunity to encourage the media to shine a light on the human stories behind the statistics.

A decade of Vodafone Devices marked by launch of premium Smart platinum 7

Vodafone has launched the Smart platinum 7, its new flagship smartphone to mark a decade of creating mobile devices.

Enabling the Internet of Things with NB-IoT

With broad support from multiple network operators, equipment providers, chipset and module makers, we’ve made significant progress with NB-IoT over the past six months.

This generation of parents and kids need new tools for digital lives

We should not be surprised that the International Day for Protection of Children (or Universal Children’s Day) and the United Nations Global Day of Parents are both celebrated on 1 June each year.

Low cost devices powered by NB-IoT will greatly expand the Internet of Things

The opening of the world’s first open lab to develop NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology by Vodafone and Huawei has taken the industry closer to delivering low cost connected devices that will create new market segments where nothing is connected today because, frankly, it is too expensive.

My time as a Vodafone Foundation Instant Network volunteer

To mark International Telecoms Union’s Girls in ICT Day on 28 April 2016, Kelly-Tenille Mathurin, a member of the ICT support team working for Vodafone Group, shares her experiences working as a volunteer deploying the Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network.

Tackling congestion in Istanbul

First successful trial of pre-standard NB-IoT in Turkey on connected parking system.




Vodafone and British Library to send Shakespeare around Globe

On the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Vodafone and the British Library have made some of the earliest and rarest editions of Shakespeare’s plays available to all, allowing people around the world to download the Bard’s most popular works from specially-designed wallpaper featuring virtual library bookshelves. 

Managing the data deluge: Vodafone tests 10Gbps wireless backhaul

As the amount of data crossing our network continues to grow apace, we are always looking at ways to enhance our backhaul network to ensure that vast amounts of traffic moves between our base stations as quickly and reliably as possible.

Vodafone Portugal fibre network enables sophisticated banking

Vodafone is providing and managing the fibre-optic-based communications service network for over 7,000 MULTIBANCO ATM off-premises machines across Portugal.

Malala video lesson helps girls in refugee camp expand their horizons

"All girls are entitled to an opinion, your voice matters in society," Malala Yousafzai, student, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Malala Fund co-founder, today told girls living in the Dadaab refugee camp as she joined a lesson by video call as part of the Vodafone Foundation's Leadership Lessons programme.

Leave your leather wallet at home – Tap & Pay is the future

Vodafone Wallet is the first service to offer contactless payments from a PayPal account, so soon your smartphone will free you from carrying around plastic cards and cash. 

A simple phone call: the best wedding gift ever

First call to family made one hour after Cyclone Winston thanks to Vodafone Foundation Instant Network team.

eSIM technology will extend the mobile ecosystem

Vodafone to introduce eSIM enabled consumer proposition in Germany with Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G smartwatch as first device.

Vodafone Group partners with technology companies to plan a path to 5G

Vodafone Group is partnering with Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Intel and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to research 5G technologies and prepare its networks for a transition towards the new mobile standard.

What do toilets text when they are all alone?

Vodafone Americas Foundation funds connected toilet project which could help 2.5bn people access better sanitation

12 minutes of Quizmas

Because it is the festive season, we’ve put together a little picture quiz for all of you to wrap your heads around.

Which industry can help us all save more carbon globally than the total annual emissions of the Netherlands?

17 Dec 2015

Use of mobile connectivity in Europe and USA enables greater annual carbon saving than the total annual emissions of the Netherlands and 5x greater than the emissions from mobile networks.

First pre-standard NB-IoT message sent over a live commercial network in Spain

11 Dec 2015

Vodafone Group, Huawei and u-blox have completed the first successful commercial trial of pre-standard NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things).* NB-IoT is a new technology that will extend the Internet of Things (IoT) by making it more efficient to connect objects to the internet which are in areas hard to reach by mobile connectivity or that require a long battery life.

NB-IoT closer to commercialisation as standards decision made early

9 Dec 2015

Industry-wide discussions to develop telecommunications standards for NB-IoT have been completed early. Once finalised the standards will enable operators, chipset creators and manufacturers to develop and connect new generations of products using existing mobile network infrastructure.

Could big data help your business make large reductions in energy consumption?

8 Dec 2015

In the last year, Vodafone consumed roughly the same amount of energy as it takes to power 1.5 million European homes. It is therefore essential that we monitor, control and optimise energy consumption in all our operating companies. 

The prospect of wallet-free commuting in the Netherlands

30 Nov 2015

When we introduced our SmartPass last year, we predicted that the physical wallet will no longer be required by the year 2020. The news that in a short timeframe the Dutch have made a hundred million contactless payments ...

Will you #BeStrong and stand up to bullying on Snapchat?

18 Nov 2015

While connectivity and access to the internet has brought many benefits, it also has a dark side. Cyberbullying now affects one in five teens. Unlike playground bullying, cyberbullying knows no boundaries, either physical or temporal. In the online world, people are also less careful of what they say and following the crowd takes on a whole new meaning, amplifying the impact of any bullying which takes place.

Unlicensed spectrum will improve customer 4G mobile experience

18 Nov 2015

Vodafone implements world’s first live network demo of LTE aggregating both licensed and unlicensed bands.

NB-IoT will connect the internet of hidden things

6 Nov 2015

When the internet of things is spoken about it is often in reference to exciting innovations such as self-ordering fridges and cars that book themselves into the garage. Yet it will soon be easier to also connect billions of objects, many of which are hidden, both metaphorically and sometimes actually, but still have an important role to play making life better.

Will servitisation help you kick the ownership habit?

3 Nov 2015

What makes DriveNow different to other car rental services is that each vehicle contains one of Vodafone’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIMs. By connecting to our global M2M network, it is possible to create a truly personal experience for the customer. 

Z-Cars will keep you safe in New Zealand

20 Oct 2015

Telecoms operators in every country are wrestling with how to connect the remotest areas with mobile coverage. This is perhaps even more challenging in my country, where we have more remote than many other places- let’s call it Middle Earth!

Vodafone Egypt creates a prefabricated Mobile Telephone Exchange

29 Sept 2015

There is something incredibly nostalgic about watching black and white movies showing a switchboard operator at work. They are often portrayed as the centrepiece of a town, connecting one person to another.

Nowadays the switchboard is still at the heart of a mobile network, but given the much greater range of services – calls, data and SMS – it requires a far more extensive, and automated, system called a Mobile Telephone Exchange (MTX).

Will you help us demonstrate the kindness of strangers?

22 Sept 2015

Today, Vodafone has launched #BeStrong, a major campaign against cyber-bullying.

Vodafone Portugal: preparing the network for the future

15 Sept 2015

We’re experiencing exceptional demand for mobile data. Over the past year, the amount of data carried over our networks globally grew by approximately 78% as customers increasingly use their mobile devices to watch videos, stream music and browse the web.

In Romania when you want a book you just scan the wallpaper

8 Sept 2015

Schools across Romania are replacing libraries with digital books on wallpaper that can be scanned and downloaded, thanks to an initiative from Vodafone Romania.

Have you ever seen a sailing boat base station?

26 Aug 2015

Vodafone Netherlands helped the 2.5 million people enjoy full and reliable 4G coverage thanks to what we believe is the world’s first floating base station.

Delivering a quality video experience in emerging markets

25 Aug 2015

Vodacom South Africa has launched Video Play, a service to provide our customers with low cost, buffer free mobile video experiences.

Using fuel cells to create a more energy efficient network

3 Aug 2015

Fuel cells have become an alternative source of energy generation to traditional diesel generators in our work to reduce carbon usage and noise pollution.

#M2MBarometer 'Magnificent Seven' stats

7 July 2015

Celebrating the third annual Vodafone M2M Barometer Report, here are seven things about M2M the world didn't know yesterday.

First 'school in a box' delivered to refugee settlement in Kenya

19 Jun 2015

The Vodafone Foundation and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have delivered the first two of our Instant Classrooms to the Kakuma refugee settlement in Kenya.

Tackling India's cycle of under-nutrition with technology

16 Jun 2015

Vodafone is using mobile technology to educate more than six million Indian women on better health and nutrition practices in the world’s largest digital mass education programme for addressing malnutrition in women and children.

Vodacom enhances the big game experience for Blue Bulls fans

29 May 2015

Vodacom has deployed a new technology that means a smartphone or tablet can connect to whichever bearer offers the best connection, ensuring the fastest possible data access.

Vodacom tests shipping container base station

5 May 2015

Mobile data usage in South Africa's townships is accelerating rapidly, placing pressure on mobile networks. Vodacom has developed a solution, allowing mobile base stations to be retrofitted to shipping container shops, allowing for the rapid roll-out of coverage.

What's in the Instant Network Mini backpack?

1 May 2015

The Vodafone Foundation's Instant Network team help restore communications to some of the areas worst affected by earthquakes. But what exactly is in the Instant Network Min backpack?

Radio equipment standards trial drives innovation

11 Mar 2015

The world's first trial of an LTE network operated with equipment fully compliant with the ETSI Open Radio equipment Interface (ORI) standard has been performed successfully by Vodafone

Dropbox and Vodafone partner to keep precious mobile content safe and at your fingertips

27 Feb 2015

Dropbox and Vodafone have agreed an exciting partnership which will introduce a new mobile-first service exclusively for Vodafone’s customers.  The service, called Backup+, integrates exclusively with Dropbox, offering tailored new features designed for smartphone users.

Vodafone extends its network capability to further support the Internet of Things

13 Feb 2015

"As a leader in the Internet of Things Vodafone is excited to support this technology and the standards process to drive the industry forward."